I Am What I Paint

Iris Mes-Low’s paintings in mixed media, oil and acrylic are a Visual Communication. It is a fluid and ever-changing exchange between the canvas and the artist.
Goethe, as an influencer of Mes-Low’s work, believed that colour is the automatic response to matter. Colour is the space between the unseen and the seen. An emotion before it is turned into a thought is a spiritual and non-representational headspace. Emotion is directly connected to colour.
Mes Low takes fluid & imperfect memories turning them into unique imagery of colour and landscape. This is visible with her paintings of heritage houses, representing the eternal wish for mankind to find him/herself a haven; emphasizing the ever-seeking man. In the current landscape of the global village and the transient nature of many cultures, the wish to find a haven is the goal of many, realized by few.
Landscapes are also within this idealised concept, a more allegorical approach to humanity.